Zanzibar beach holiday offers the perfect holiday and honeymoon destination.The Zanzibar Archipelago located 24 kilometers from the coast of Tanzania. Adored with beautiful sandy beaches and coral reefs, Zanzibar has become a great tourist attraction site for honeymoon goers and holiday makers who love to swim in the clear waters and enjoy accommodation in the classy comfortable hotels.

The culture and people around Zanzibar also makes the visit more interesting. From here, one can take a plane over to the mainland and visit some of the nation’s best national parks with amazing wildlife such as; Elephants, Lions, leopard and many others.

Zanzibar Beach Holiday

Zanzibar Islands beach holiday are considered a paradise by those who have toured it owing to its warm tropical climate beautiful beaches the coral reefs and a long strip of sandy beaches.

Like many of the coastal towns adorning the Indian along East Africa, Zanzibar is also rich in the culture evident on their Stone Town buildings. Owing to their deep roots in their culture, people in Zanzibar are cool and laid back and very friendly. Though the city is old, it has shops both open and within the buildings and eateries both having a rich blend of their culture.

Tourists can also enjoy the historical sites such as the; slave monument, the old Arab fort among others. One is bound to appreciate Zanzibar as a town rich in the Arabic Swahili culture.

Zanzibar Beaches

Anyone visiting Zanzibar can enjoy the beautiful beaches among the other 25 beaches on the islands of the East Africa’s coast. The area also offers a good fishing ground for the communities living around the ocean who mainly make a living through fishing.

Owing to the many hotels and sites to be visited, one can decide to live in the North, South or East Coast of Zanzibar?

in the North:

The Northern sides harbors the best beaches.

It is adorned with several villages among them; Uroa, Pongwe,  Kiwengwa, Nungwi and Kendwa. These beaches are always prone to high and low tides apart from Nungwi and Kendwa this has made them a real attraction and most people tend to frequent them more.

This has also lead to setting up of eateries, bars and a variety of boarding options catering for the various needs of the visiting tourists. The island is peaceful and with a quite a habitable climate.


The east bares a beach laden with beautiful coral reefs; the spot is a favorite for divers and one can get to see the beauty of marine life, a variety of fish found in the tropical regions, turtles and sea horses.

 Various activities are also found within the beach; one can enjoy flying kites or even take a walk along the beach enjoying the waves rise and fall.

Among the beaches in Zanzibar Matemwe beach is among the beautiful and also longest of them all.

Accommodation is also available in some of the best comfortable hotels.


This part of the island is known for its long stretch of soft sandy beaches. It is the best spot on the island for sailing or kite- and windsurfing, thanks to steady winds. Hop on a traditional wooden sailboat (dhow) and sail the ocean, or go swimming with dolphins at Kizimkazi (south). Here you will find little villages like Jambiani, Paje and Bwejuu. These small fishing villages have nice timeless atmosphere with friendly people. One of our favorite villages is Jambiani. Check out why we think Jambiani is the place to be in Zanzibar.


On this side of the beach it is a bit deserted and the accommodation places on this side are also few.

Most of the beaches on this side of the island are deserted and only attract a handful of visitors who frequent the few beautiful tourist’s points on the beach.

The beach is also the home for Menia Bay conservation a underwater world for divers. Like the whole of Zanzibar, the trademark “Stone Town” buildings adorns the island preservation its cultural mark.

Zanzibar excursions

Zanzibar as an Island has a lot to offer beyond its sandy beaches and watersport activities. There are strong cultural places that carry a rich historical background in Zanzibar that are worth a visit.

Here are a few places where you can visit for an excursion.

Spice tour

Zanzibar beach holiday like many coastal towns along the Indian Ocean had an influx of the Arabs. This brought about the spice trade from the East to the Zanzibar Island.

You can pay a visit to some of the farms where a variety of spices, fruits and herbs are planted and also used for medicinal purposes.

Kite Surfing

Paje, Kiwengwa and Nungwi are the beaches where one can visit for kite surfing or wind surfing owing to its steady shore winds.

Mountain Bike Tour.

You can also take a bike tour and have a good site seeing on the Island and also use the opportunity to exercise as you come across the Islanders going on with their day to day life.

Walking Tour in Stone Town

This is the heart of Zanzibar history with a good taste of cultural and good food lovers. There are a number of cultural joints which you can visit, they include; Sultans Palace, House of Wonders, the Slave Market and Fordhani Food Markets.

The Prison Island

During the slave trade this Island was used as a slave holding point before they were ferried over by sea.

Currently it is a nice place where you can just have a nice time and relax by the white beach, sunbath or swim.

The area is also a home to the giant tortoise which area always visible by the shores during the day.

Safari Blue

Have you ever sailed on a dhow? Well to experience, welcome to the Safari Blue Island.

The sail can take you through 3 beautiful Zanzibar beach Islands where you can taste delicious barbeque, swim and even snorkel to Mnemba Atoll.

Jozani Forest

Jozani forest is covered with indigenous trees and mangroves and it is one of the only remaining in Zanzibar.

The forest also has a rare breed of the Red Colobus monkeys jumping among the vast palm trees, a variety of birds among other animals.

Restaurant the Rock

This is one place on the Island where you can enjoy great food as you have a nice view on a hotel built on a rock.

Chumbe Island

This is the home of the first private marine park in the world a small coral Island and it is uninhabited.

The island has 7 bungalows built with the surrounding environment in mind to avoid any harm to the environment around.

What is the Best time to explore Zanzibar Beach Holiday?

The best time to visit Zanzibar is mostly during the sunny season, which falls within the months of; June to October and December to February.

Though so, you can also visit the islands in the months of; mid-March, April, May, November. In Zanzibar mostly the rains don not last long and it may rain just for 30 mins or an hour.

Temperatures rarely sour beyond 28 C. The hottest month in a year in Zanzibar is February, in the month of July temperature averages 24 C and considered the coldest.

Zanzibar Beach Holiday Hotels

The Zanzibar island beach holiday has a wide accommodation package covering a wider budget plan from basic packages to the very high deluxe-packages.

Booking with us for your holiday we assure you we will ensure you get a package that suits your budget and at a desired placed.

This package can give you room to visit and sample the nearest restaurants and hotels, walk through the Islands as you enjoy sight-seeing