What is the Best time of the year to visit Tanzania?

The best period of visit is relative. As a tourist, what you wish to achieve will determine when you will make your visit. A particular time might therefore suit you while it doesn’t suit another person.
We congratulate you; One, on your decision to tour Tanzania and two, for your choice of Oltumure to ease the tour for you and help you open a new page in your record book.
Would you like to tour with a group of friends, a group of people from other parts of the world or you would prefer your personal adventure? These are some of the factors that dictate the time of visit.
Though there’s actually no bad time to tour Tanzania with Oltumure, a good number of visitors like it more in between June and October. Our winter, between December and March is also a great season for a visit. We get very busy with awesome people from various parts of the world. You can also purpose to be part of us in any of these months. We get you more than what you ask for.

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