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    Tarangire National Park is famous for the number of elephants found within it.

    It is reported that the number of Elephants found within Tarangire National Park are the highest in the whole world.

    Elephants are unique animals which enjoy taking a bath, splashing water at each other and playing in the mud. This is usually a nice activity for them during the rainy seasons.

    When there is minimal water, Elephants are known to dig around river beds in such of water or the gigantic Baobab trees which hold a lot of water to quench their thirst and have some to splash on themselves.

    Wild Animals.

    Tarangire national park is a heaven for bird lovers who come to see the various species of birds among them; hornbills, lovebirds, lilac breasted rollers, eagles, vultures and the wild parrots. The gems of the wild, Lions, cheetahs, Leopard, Giraffes, Zebras, Wildebeest, Ostriches and slithering pythons can be spotted at this point.

    Beautiful scenes.

    many people don’t frequent Tarangire as compared to the other parks in Tanzania, though so, it remains a beautiful place to consider for your holiday owing to the nice atmosphere. This park is located on a hilly area with green vegetation amidst the dominant Baobab trees some dating to almost 300 years.

    Visiting Tarangire National Park alone and not taking your time to enjoy other nice packages within the park may not be a very good idea.

    Other than just visiting the park, one can also take part in the following activities;

    Take a walk in the park.

    Take a drive in the comfortable 4X4 trucks in the park during the day or at night.

    Visiting the Maasai community and be part of their rich cultural activities.

    Fly on a hot air balloon and view the game from above.

    Pay a visit to the Hadzabe tribe who are so entrenched in their culture and even as other communities embrace modernity, they still live like the ancient man.

    For those who like riding bikes, they can cycle all the way to Lake Manyara as they enjoy the beautiful scenes along the way.

    When to visit Tarangire National Park.

    Tanzania has a varied climate during the year, and this has an effect on the animals within the Tarangire National park.

    Those planning to take a vacation at the park can do so all year round but the most appropriate times are in the following months.

    Between June and October, Tarangire national park experiences a dry season and its one of the best times to visit since water scarcity always sends all animals to a central watering point.

    From here one can easily see the animals as they come to quench their thirst at the common water point, river Tarangire.

    During the rainy season, in the months of April to May, most animals migrate out of the park to other places since the area has black cotton soils and always causes mobility issues to the animals especially those with hooves.

    Recommendations on Tarangire park.

    From previous visitors who have visited the park before, most gave high rating scores for a two day visit.

    Start the visit with a day on the Northern side of the park or a day in the Southern part and spend your two days completely toured Tarangire. .

    The south part of the park is quite remote and features more game basing to their adaptations.

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