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    Pemba Island

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    Of the Zanzibar archipelago, Pemba Island is among the least known. It is however a very popular destination for honeymoon. Its spotless green environment qualifies it as one of the most beautiful leisure places in the world.

    Pemba Island is a peaceful place, offering you a very romantic atmosphere. The tranquility suits you who are interested in having a rest after a period of job with no leave days. It’s is also an amazing dive site

    Green Island

    This is the other name for Pemba Island, owing to its fertile soil and the luxuriant green hills covered by thick vegetation.

    Forests are in plenty here, not to mention mango trees and clove plantations. A third of the Green Islanders depend on small scale farming and fishing. Here are some of the foods they grow: bananas. rice, cassava, cinnamon and cloves.

    Beautiful coral reefs

    With the beautiful coral reefs, divers and snorkelers have a suitable playground. Pemba Channel is a paradise under water hosting splendid marine life. See what you will spot in these azure waters; Clown Fish, Marlins, turtles, Barracudas, dolphins, sharks and even whales.

    This is a great place to explore various water sports and activities including, kayaking, wind surfing, kite as well as a romantic sunset sail in a traditional boat.

    To have us include the ‘Green Island’ in your preferred itinerary, reach out to us.

    Tour Experts’ Tips for Pemba Island

    The beautiful island grants you a romantic atmosphere with much tranquility from both the environment and the islanders.  Being the best destination for honeymooners, we always have some special offers for newlyweds. Come ready to enjoy bottle of Prosecco, a free massage and a private dinner. Contact us and learn more of what we have for you on this end.

    Our Recommendation:

    Recommended stay – 5 days, i.e 4 nights

    Recommended Hotel – Located in the heart of nature, Fundu Lagoon Luxury Hotel is a romantic place and their services are just excellent.

    Some Facts about Pemba

    • Length- 80 km (49 miles)
    • Width – 20 km (12 miles)
    • Surface Area- 988 km2 (613 square miles)
    • The island is surrounded by several other islands but they are way smaller

    Pemba Island features

    • Tropical climate
    • Hilly landscapes
    • Tropical and mangrove forests
    • Palm trees
    • Monkeys
    • Beautiful marine life; Dolphins
    • Historical ruins
    • Azure blue ocean
    • Friendly local people
    • Good service all over

    Activities to engage in on Pemba Island

    • A tour to Jambagome Ruins on a boat
    • Take a cultural village walk
    • Scuba diving and Snorkeling
    • Wakeboarding
    • Kayaking in the mangrove forest
    • A Dolphin trip
    • Sunset cruise
    • Knee boarding
    • Plantations visit – vegetables, spices, fruits

    Additional Info

    • Vehicle Name : Pemba Island
    • Vehicle Type : Island

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