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    Mafia Island

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    Just like Zanzibar was a few decades ago, Mafia Island is yet to take off. This makes it a perfect get away for you who want to relax outside the fast and busy environment.

    It might have few tourists since it lacks infrastructure such as tarmacked roads. However those who have been there praise its serenity and friendly locals.

    Rich coral reefs

    Being part of Zanzibar archipelago, Mafia is surrounded by some of the richest coral reefs in the world. A nature park, Mafia Island Marine Park occupies almost half of the island’s coastline. This beautiful park is furnished with coral reef, lagoons and mangrove forest. This forms the largest protected area in the Indian Ocean.

    The barrier reef, with 50 different corals and more than 460 species of fish offers snorkelers and divers the best adventure.

    Dazzling marine life

    Mafia beaches might not be as expansive as Zanzibar’s but their beauty is clearly proclaimed. The mangroves have eaten into the beach.

    The main feature of Mafia Island is the outstanding marine life. These are some of the marine life you will spot here, humpback whales, whale shark and turtles. The Island gives you uniqueness unavailable elsewhere, making it a perfect place for travelers and honeymooners.

    Reach us and allow us incorporate a trip to Mafia Island in your trip package. You won’t regret.

    Mafia Island features

    • Tropical climate
    • Azure blue Indian Ocean
    • Hospitable locals
    • Good service
    • Crystal white sandy beaches
    • Palm trees
    • Culture and history in Stone Town
    • Beautiful nature
    • Delicious food
    • Beautiful coral reefs

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    • Vehicle Name : Mafia Island
    • Vehicle Type : Island

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