The Best Season to Visit Tanzania

Tanzania Tours and Safaris

Located in the southern hemisphere, Tanzania enjoys their Summer season as other countries such as America and England have their winter.

The country experiences different seasons namely, short rains, dry season, hot and dry season, and finally, a long rains season.


The dry season.

This is what we would refer to as the Tanzanian winter. It is the period between June and October. During this season, you will hardly see rains. The climate is quite pleasant and temperatures are favourable. The weather is warm but you don’t suffer from the heat.


Short Rains

It is a season that comes between November and early December. It qualifies to be the Tanzanian summer. The period is very hot. Though the rains are not as heavy as they are during the long rains, there are some rains, but they usually come at the end of the day. The land looks astounding during this season.


Hot and dry season

This is the period between December and February. It can get very hot, especially as you get to the Coast. If you are not heat-friendly for one reason or the other, the period might not favour your trip. However, we advise you accordingly to ensure you have enjoyed your trip to their fullest even with such a weather. It hardly rains.


Long rains season

This period, from March to May rains often. It is not warm but one wouldn’t characterize it as cold. It is however not one of those times you would classify as high seasons, but for a person or group that is working against tourism traffic, this season would be great for them. You would also get a great chance to see wild such as Zebras and wildebeest which are more available in this season. Although some Parks would be somehow difficult to access, but our team has done enough study of the geography and terrains and hence they know where to get when.