A Visit to Zanzibar Island

Looking for ideal Tanzania Tours and Safaris packages. You really don’t know Tanzania if you have not had an experience on our beaches. With Oltumure Safaris, you can design your trip as per your desire. We recommend that you start with a normal safari or a mountain climbing before you visit the islands. In this package, we take you to Zanzibar Island for a moment of relaxation. This is where you get a chance to unwind after a busy, though fan vacation in other parts of the country. It is a paradise of a kind! Come and enjoy a vacation wrap-up on the serene warm beaches of the famous Zanzibar Island.

Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro

Climbing Kilimanjaro is the best possible adventure you would ever have. Explore our itineraries and information about climbing Kilimanjaro.

Did you know Mount Kilimanjaro is the World’s highest free standing mountain and the Highest Mountain in Africa measuring 5,895m, 19,341ft? It is also known for attracting all kinds of travelers, a climber or not, as long as you love challenging yourself you can reach its summit. Our Tanzania Tours and Safaris packages are tailored for you.