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Booking for : Traverse Tanzania in 5 Days

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    Traverse Tanzania in 5 Days

    Tour Details

    In these 5 days, you will experience an adventurous life in 2 major Tanzanian Parks. Almost everyone who comes visiting Tanzania has Ngorongoro Crater as a top reason for their visit. This is the home for the highest number of wildlife In Africa. Another major reason for tourism in this part of Africa is Tarangire National park. Tarangire has the highest number of elephants in the world. The majestic Baobab trees are also a site to behold in this national park.

    For this package, we offer you a private safari whereby you will get a tour van and guide for yourself all along. As for accommodation and meals, we have handpicked Silver Class hotels. We have gold and platinum class packages in case this is what you prefer.

    Day 1,Arrival- Kilimanjaro Airport, Arusha

    An Oltumure tour guide will come pick you at Kilimanjaro and take you to your hotel. This specialist will help you settle fast answering some of your introductory questions and at least help you get what it means to say, ‘Hujambo.’ Just relax and get ready for your first safari next morning.

    Day 2,To Ngorongoro Crater

    Brace yourself for an adventurous tour, 3 hour drive to Ngorongoro from Arusha. The journey gives you an awesome view of the Great Rift Valley into the deep of the crater forest then to the famous Ngorongoro Crater, which is the main feature of Ngorongoro Conservation Authority. Ngorongoro Crater is a collapsed volcano with unique ecosystem encouraging vegetation in variety. The landscapes are awe-inspiring, beautified even more by the availability of several wild animals. Some of these include Elephants, Buffaloes, Hippos and Lions. You will also find Black Rhino, the rare species here. Basically, Ngorongoro is a home for all the Big Five. Viewing the base of the crater from up is one of the awe-striking views you will live to remember. The natural beautiful features of Ngorongoro Crater have earned it a position in the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa. At Ngorongoro, you will have an opportunity to visit a Maasai village just to have a feel of the local culture. You will also get an experience in the Elephant caves.

    Day 3,Let’s Go To Tarangire

    The journey to Tarangire National Park starts after a sumptuous breakfast. Although this is one of the parks that are not widely known in the world, the park offers you an authentic and exciting tour atmosphere. Call this third day a full-drive-day. As our executive tour vans journey over the hilly landscape, lofty Baobab trees and the blue sky consume you into a wander world technically reducing the distance with up to a third. Here, you will be enjoying awesome views of herds of elephants, with some moving in groups of about 300. This is common around Tarangire River where elephants ‘meet-up’ for a drink or just to refresh in a mud bath. Other animals such as Leopards, Lions and Cheetahs are also available in Tarangire, not to mention Pythons. The bird-lovers (I wonder who isn’t) are more than taken care of in this same park. It has uncountable bird species giving you a whole paradise of dissimulation of birds- it’s a beautiful sight.

    Day 4,Closing it on Tarangire

    This is quite a free day- everyone enjoy leisure in the best manner you know. You will be at liberty to do some exploration in and about the park. However, a morning game drive is a must. This is because there are some wild species that you will not come across in the later hours of the day. On Day 4, you will enjoy a delicious brunch after the early morning adventure. Be assured of a complete fun package from morning to evening. A campsite in the evening would get the fun off the roof, not to mention dances and interactions with the local entertainers around the bonfire in the dark of the night.

    Day 5,Airport Transfers- Kwaheri Na Karibu Tena!

    Unless you would like to extend your touring period, our drivers will drive you to the airport to catch your departure flight. We at Oltumure, we have no doubt you will be more than a happy client. In case you would like to, don’t hesitate to stay longer and probably have a moment of relaxation at our breezy beaches. We are always at your service!

    Additional Info

    • Duration : 5 Days
    • Price : $738

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