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    Ngorongoro Conservancy covers an area more than 8000 kilometer square, approximately 3,200 square miles. This area runs from the Northern side of Serengeti National park all the way to the Great Rift Valley located on the Eastern side.

    The area is rich both in wild that inhabit it and also the land formation around the whole region.

    The wild animals

    The wild animals found within the region features the big five; lion, elephant, buffalo, , leopard, rhino. The grazers; Zebras, Antelopes, buffaloes, and among the thickets you will find the baboons, monkeys, in the fresh waters within the craters hippos will be seen floating lazily as flamingoes walk gracefully.

    In short Ngorogoro has the highest wildlife concentration than any other National park in Africa.

    The Natural Sceneries.

    Ngorongoro conservancy has very attractive natural sites worth visiting, among them is the renowned Ngorongoro Crater, Olduvai Gorge the archeological site, Ndutu, Empakaai, Olmoti Crater and Oldonyo Lengai Mountain.

    it also boost several lakes, Valleys, craters, several swamps that are inhabited by other aquatic animals.

    Cultural visit to the Maasai Community.

    The Maasai are known for their cultural lifestyle and their unique way of life that always leaves them admired by many.

    They are mainly cattle keepers and take a lot of pride in owning large herds of cattle.

    Owing to their way of life the Maasai have understood the wild they will be found grazing within a certain area of the conservancy.

    To understand their way of life better one can plan a visit to their communities and learn more about their culture and even partake of their cultural dishes among them the blood and meat roasted on open fire.

    Activities one can carry out at Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

    For those who like riding bikes, they can cycle all the way to Lake Manyara as they enjoy the beautiful scenes along the way. One can;

    • Visiting the Maasai community and be part of their rich cultural activities.
    • Pay a visit to the Hadzabe tribe who are so entrenched in their culture and even as other communities embrace modernity, they still live like the ancient man.
    • Visit the Cultural community at Mto wa Mbu.

    Recommendations on Ngorongoro park.

    Being among the 5 wonders of the world, definitely visiting the park leaves one with a nostalgic feeling of having to visit a highly rated place.

    Furthermore, the natural sceneries around Ngorongoro is unmatched, the game and the landscape is spectacular.

    Start the visit with a day on the Northern side of the park or a day in the Southern part and spend your two days completely toured Tarangire. .

    The south part of the park is quite remote and features more game basing to their adaptations.

    Planning to visit Ngorongoro? make arrangements for a two day visit so as to maximise on the visit. You can spend the first day at the crater and later the next day touring the region around the crater.

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    • Duration : 2 Days, 3 Nights
    • Person : 2 Person
    • Availability : 40
    • Price : $$750
    • Location : Dhaka, Bangladesh

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