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    6 Days in Pemba Island Tour

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    It’s rare to have a person leave Pemba before they fill they are well satisfied with the stay- you probably won’t be different. This package therefore gives you a great moment to retreat and unwind after the initial tour package. This 6 days extension would be the best way to conclude your holiday in Tanzania.

    We still have the three classes, Silver, Gold and Platinum for this particular package, we have a Silver class for you. In case, you would like us to change that, talk to us.

    Day 1-5,Pemba Island

    As you arrive at Pemba, you will realize that it is one of the most beautiful places on the face of the earth. The forests, clove plantations and several mango trees are probably the most prominent features you will notice at first. That is why this island has been referred to as the Green Island. The climate is just but the perfect thing you are looking for. The atmosphere is basically peaceful and romantic. Diving is one of the best activities you can engage in at Pemba. It is a great hideaway site where tranquility is a guarantee. You will have a moment to explore the beautiful coral reefs, not to mention enjoying the company of tropical reef fish as you swim. All these five days will be at leisure; we will not have activities programmed to just let you gain the most pleasure from the stay.

    Day 5-6,Last Day at Pemba.

    Want to Extend with Another tropical island? This is your last day on the island, enjoy it to the optimum. Today you can just choose to unwind as you enjoy the environment, the climate and the general environment. It would also be a great moment to interact with the locals. Learn how they transact businesses, how tourism has enabled them improve their lives and they human attitude towards foreigners. If you had not yet got a souvenir for a friend or family member, this is the right moment to do so. May be you would like to extend your island stay on another island. We have Mafia and Zanzibar too; pick either and you will not regret. We are here to organize everything else for you as per your desire. If you are ready to go home, our driver will get you safe to the airport for your departure. Oltumure Tours and Safaris wishes you a safe travel and is ready for you anytime in the future.

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    • Duration : 6 Days
    • Price : $1149

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