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    Amazing 13 Days Tour with an Extension Holiday in Zanzibar

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    Holiday in Zanzibar in these 13 days of adventure and luxury proves beyond any reasonable doubt, that Tanzania is a land of excellence. This is the home to the famous Ngorongoro Crater (where you find the highest concentration of wildlife); Kilimanjaro (the highest mountain in Africa and the highest free-standing in the world); the famous Serengeti National Park, Zanzibar Beaches, not to mention the largest wildebeest migration in the world.

    This package is a private safari designed for you. It will offer you all freedom and travel flexibility in that you will have the trip run at your own pace. We will offer you a tour van with an experienced tour chauffeur. We have a luxurious Silver Class hotel ready for you, but in case you would want something higher, reach out to us so that we get you to either Gold or Platinum Class.

    Enjoy Great Cuisine with Local Spices During Your Holiday in Zanzibar

    The blend of Indian, Arabic, Swahili and European cultures on the island resulted in numerous delicacies. Wake up your taste sense with a shock of a variety of street food on offer – from basic Zanzibar pizzas and coconut doughnuts to delicious seafood served on every corner and every popular beach.

    Seafood is very popular and is served cooked on open fires, in restaurants, hotels and on the street. Grilled octopus and Lobster Thermidor are especially common, although often spiced locally.

    Thanks to the cultivation of cloves, black pepper, turmeric,  nutmeg, cinnamon and lemongrass, Zanzibar is often referred to as the Spice Island. Plantations of these spices cover the entire archipelago, so you can choose to take a spice tour on any of the farms. Alternatively, enjoy a taste of meals using these aromatic ingredients at market stalls, street food vendors or restaurants. A good way to enjoy a healthy variety of these delicious spices is to take a spice tour that also includes a meal.

    Holiday in zanzibar

    Traditional and Unique Sailing Experience During Holiday in Zanzibar

    In the past, a large slave market and a stopover for moving slaves from East Africa, Zanzibar have a few sore historical points. Prison Island is one of the best places to learn about the slave trade and its damaging effects on the continent and how it facilitated the poisonous ivory trade. which still echoes today.

    On the other hand, Zanzibar is a wonderful place that helped the West to enjoy the eastern spices. This resulted in a lot of interest in the region by the Portuguese, Arabic, Persian and British, as well as by the Indian and African navy. They brought with them, among other things, traditional ship making.

    Used for fishing, tourist activities and trade, local handmade sailing boats are called dhow. They are made of wood with beautiful simple sails. Their traditional craftsmanship stems from all the trading history of the place.

    Holiday in Zanzibar

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    Discover Wildlife during Holiday in Zanzibar

    At the park, you can also enjoy a butterfly show with a variety of species, as well as see different animals, birds and plants. The Butterfly Centre is a short drive from the park, where the locals learn to sustainably farm butterflies. The visit to the sanctuary will leave you with memories of gorgeous butterflies flying freely around the lavish tropical forests.

    Although not a typical safari destination, Zanzibar has quite an array of wildlife and flora on display. To find one of the rarest primates in Africa, visit the Jozani Forest Reserve for educational Zanzibar holidays. It is home to Red Colobus Monkeys who are critically endangered. Thanks to huge efforts, their population is beginning to recover.

    Holiday in Zanzibar

    Day 1,Arrival at Kilimanjaro Airport - Arusha

    Once you land, an Oltumure tour guide will come pick you at Kilimanjaro and take you to your hotel. This specialist will help you settle fast answering some of your introductory questions and at least help you get what it means to say, ‘Hujambo.’ Just relax and get ready for your first safari next morning.

    Day 2,Arusha

    Today, you will take a rest and just enjoy a moment of leisure in a local Tanzanian way. This will help you get attuned to the new environment, climate, and people in the city. You can choose to just relax in and around the lounge and may be have a time to swim. Your guide will pay you a visit at the lodge to brief you about your tour. In case you’d like to have some activities, talk to us and we’ll plan. Some activities that you can do include, canoeing, swimming, nature walking or just having a small tour around the city.

    Day 3,Arusha National Park

    Your safari officially starts today after breakfast. Your guide will pick you up at the hotel and we drive you to Arusha National Park. The park is not only rich in wildlife but also has a diversity of landscapes. There are lakes, swamps, waterfalls, volcanos, and mountains. You can rest assured of an awesome moment in the tropical rainforest environment. The environment attracts hundreds of bird species including, the pink-hued flamingos and the silvery-cheeked hornbill. It is also the sole place where black and white colobus monkeys can be spotted easily. In Arusha National Park you will have an opportunity to see wildlife up close as you do some nature walk under the guard of an armed ranger. Another popular activity in this park is canoeing.

    Day 4,Arusha

    Today is another day that you will enjoy around Arusha. You can still choose to have some leisure around the pool in the lounge or pick one of the following activities: • Bike riding tour to the villages and through beautiful nature • Nature walk or canoeing at Lake Duluti • Visit the Materuni Waterfalls at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro • Visit a local market • Walking tour through coffee plantations • Horse riding

    Day 5,Tarangire National Park

    Touring Tarangire National Park is a full-drive-day. The journey will start immediately after a sumptuous breakfast. Although this is one of the parks that are not widely known in the world, the park offers you an authentic and exciting tour atmosphere. Call this third day. As our executive tour vans journey over the hilly landscape, lofty Baobab trees and the blue sky consume you into a wander world technically reducing the distance with up to a third. Here, you will be enjoying awesome views of herds of elephants, with some moving in groups of about 300. This is common around Tarangire River where elephants ‘meet-up’ for a drink or just to refresh in a mud bath. Other animals such as Leopards, Lions and Cheetahs are also available in Tarangire, not to mention Pythons. The bird-lovers (I wonder who isn’t) are more than taken care of in this same park. It has uncountable bird species giving you a whole paradise of dissimulation of birds- it’s a beautiful sight.

    Day 6& 7,Serengeti National Park

    Today, the tour changes course to the Serengeti National Park. You probably have watched at least a documentary from this park; most nature documentaries available on Africa were shot here. The endless plains of Serengeti and existence of wildlife in high numbers makes its sight just peculiar. The over one million Wildebeest migrating around this park is an annual event that you wouldn’t want to miss. Other wildlife that will bring your trip to and around Serengeti to accomplishment includes lions, leopards, cheetahs, gazelles and zebras. These you will be able to see clearly across the expansive Serengeti Plains. A balloon safari would give your wildlife view another perspective. It is always an amazing experience to drift luxuriously above the plains full of herds of wildlife.

    Day 8,Ngorongoro Crater

    Our tour chauffer will drive you to Ngorongoro Conservation Area. The travel route gives you a chance to see various types of wildlife. This trip will get you to the rim of the crater. Viewing the crater floor from this point raises your guts to go down there; I mean, the view is simply indescribable! Descending the crater is an experience that you will never get to forget. It is both exciting and challenging, but the whole activity is total fan. The landscapes are awe-inspiring, beautified even more by the availability of several wild animals. Some of these include Elephants, Buffaloes, Hippos and Lions. You will also find Black Rhino, the rare species here. Basically, Ngorongoro is a home for all the Big Five. Viewing the base of the crater from up is one of the awe-striking views you will live to remember. The natural beautiful features of Ngorongoro Crater have earned it a position in the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa. At Ngorongoro, you will have an opportunity to visit a Maasai village just to have a feel of the local culture. You will also get an experience in the Elephant caves.

    Day 9-12,Zanzibar

    This is a good moment to visit Zanzibar Island. You will loosen up in the serene of the tropical climate of the famous island. The expanse of sandy beaches, the beauty of palm trees all over and the cerulean clear water covering of the Indian Ocean naturally relaxes your mind. During this period, we have no specific activities planned just to give you an ample time to explore and enjoy your stay to the fullest. You can have the company of tropical reef fish as you swim or choose do some diving, surfing, snorkeling, or sunbathing.

    Day 12 & 13,Zanzibar – Airport for Departure

    You will be free in the morning. Your driver then transfers you to the airport for departure. We trust you’ll get home safely on Day 15. In case you would like to extend your tour, you can consider other immaculate islands, precisely Pemba or Mafia.

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    • Duration : 11 Days
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