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8 Days Shira Route Kilimanjaro Trek

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The Prices Are Listed Below However We Can Negotiate.

Day 0: Pickup from either Kilimanjaro or Arusha Airport and transfer to your hotel in Arusha , Oltumure tours and Safaris  we offer our clients one free night in Arusha on Bed and breakfast / Airport pickup and drop off free .
Day 01: In the morning, we peak you from your base hotel and take a drive across the Maasai Steppe to our trailhead at the Lemosho gate at the foot of the Kilimanjaro. We start climbing through the forest to our own private camp – a gentle walk of a few hours to stretch our legs in anticipation of the long climb ahead. Overnight: Forest Camp 9000ft (FB)

Day 02 :After breakfast in the chattering forest, we start a slow walk to aid acclimatization through the forest and into the Hagenia zone, where the vegetation begins to thin out as we approach the Shira Plateau. Shira is one of the three craters of the Kilimanjaro volcanic massif, the others being Mawenzi and Kibo and from our camp we have great views of the Shira needles. Overnight: Shira Camp 11000 feet (FB)

Day 03 :After a spectacular sunrise that reveals the magnitude of the distant snow-capped crater, we slowly climb into the alpine heather zone, approaching the Kibo massif from the west, to our private camp. Today is a shorter walk allowing for further exploration of the lobelias, sceneries and other endemic plants on an acclimatizing walk for those so inclined Overnight: Heather Camp 12,500 feet (FB)

Day 04 : As the vegetation slowly thins out, we approach the Alpine Desert Zone, where few things survive except the toughest of lichens and tussock grasses and the temperatures swing between the searing heat of tropical Africa and the freezing extremes of a 19000 ft mountain. We camp in the shelter of the Lava Tower, an imposing monolith from Kilimanjaro volcanic past. Overnight: Lava Tower Camp 14,300 feet (FB)

Day 05 :In the early morning, we have sweeping views of Meru, Kibo Massif and the Western Breach the imposing wall, which constitutes our climb over the next two days. In order to aid acclimatization, we slow down the pace and walk a short distance to the base of the breach where we make our camp at Arrow Glacier. The afternoon is free for a short walk in the name of “walk high, sleep low” philosophy of sound acclimatization.
As the temperature drops we are treated to one of the finest sunsets in Africa before we climb into our tents for sleep. Overnight: Arrow Glacier Camp 15,500 feet (FB)

Day 06 :Another early start after a cold night and we face up to the imposing western Breach that looms above us. We take the non-technical ascent route climbing slowly for six hours, our path sometimes covered in the famous snows of Kilimanjaro. As we reach the top of the wall, we slowly traverse a crater before arriving at our own special camp, far higher than any other on the mountain. Here we rest up and prepare for the final push tomorrow.  Overnight Crater Camp 18,300 feet (FB) Crater Camp – Summit (19,340 feet)

Day 07 :Thanks to our careful acclimatization and slow ascent to this final camp, we are closer to the summit than any of the other climbers and do not have a grueling final day with only a final two hour hike to the crater summit and a ten minute final stretch to Uhuru Summit, the Roof Of Africa. Arriving at the summit for sunrise, we are captivated by the sweeping vistas in all directions, applauding the sheer magnitude of our achievement before we start our descent. After thrilling screed run for two hours, we follow the Mweka descent path, feeling the air thicken as we descend, as we reach Mweka Camp after a tiring but rewarding seven hour trek and 9000ft. descent. Here we celebrate our achievements amidst the thick forest reliving one of the definitive moments of our life. Overnight: Mweka camp 10,200 feet (FB)

Day 08: On the final day of the journey, climbers descend from Mweka camp to the base. The descent to the gate will take approximately 4 to 5 hours and climbers usually arrive before noon. Upon arrival at the gate, climbers will be rewarded with certificates attesting their success at climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Thereafter, a road transfer to your base hotel.


What Does The Prices Include? And Exclude?


  • professional guide
  • Cook and potters
  • Accommodation
  • All park and conservancy fees
  • All transfers as per itinerary
  • One night accommodation in Arusha before the safari on bed and breakfast www.kamaohotel.com
  • Airport pickup
  • Airport drop off


  • visa fees
  • Tips
  • Trekking gears
  • Items of personal nature
  • Flights tickets (International or Local)

How Can I Book This Tour?

You can book this tour by paying 25% and the balance in 30 days before the tour start.

Can I Pay On The Arrival?

 Yes it is also possible that you can pay full payments in cash on the arrival with either USD or Tanzania Shillings. However to make sure that your trip is booked it is advisable to pay even a small amount upfront, you can call us 24 Hours if you need any help

How Much Should I Tips The Staff?

Tips is highly recommend, we recommend you tip your guide 20$ a day, your cook 15$ a day and potters 10$ a day however tips has no limit, you can tip as much as you can

Is There Any Hidden Cost? 

No the price cover on what is included, there is optional part during the safari such as Maasai tribe visit, Olduvai George ect however we will clarify this during the your safari or climb brief/ orientation.

What Should I Bring For The The Climb?

Kindly feel free to contact if you need help the time your packing the gears, we will advise accordingly.

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