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8 Days Lemosho Route Kilimanjaro Trek

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kilimanjaro lemosho Route


The Prices Are Listed Below However We Can Negotiate. 

Day 0:

Pickup from either Kilimanjaro or Arusha Airport and transfer to your hotel in Arusha , Oltumure tours and Safaris  we offer our clients one free night in Arusha on Bed and breakfast / Airport pickup and drop off free. 

Day 1:

Hotel - Londorossi Gate (2360m) - Mti Mkubwa Camp (2810m) Your day starts early with a breakfast from the hotel, followed by a briefing by your head guide and then a 2-hour drive from the hotel (910m) to Londorossi Park Gate (2100m). The guides and porters prepare and pack the supplies and your equipment at the park's gate and registration. You start trekking through the rainforest until completes this day by entering to our first camp where your tent is setup with your personal belongings inside -Walking distance: 6km, 3-4hrs All meals are included.

Day 2:

Mti Mkubwa camp (2810m) - Shira 2 camp (3505m)You depart from Mti mkubwa to the second camp through heath and Moorland zone, following the shira ridge we enter vast high attitude desert plateau where the first view of Mount kilimanjaro unfold one the horizon-Walking Distance: 8km, 6-8hrs All meals are included

Day 3:

Shira camp 2 (3505m)-Moir Camp(4160m) The route now turns east into a semi desert and rocky landscape surrounding Lava Tower. We leave from Shira to Moir camp which is nested near enormous beds of volcanic rock and surrounded by rocky hills and cliffs. At the arrival of camp you enter your tent which is already set with your belongings inside-Walking Distance: 9km, 6-8hrs All meals are included

Day 4:

Moir Camp(4160m) - Barranco camp(3950m)- Acclimitization Day  After spending a night at theMoir camp today we test our acclimitization with a trek to the base of Lava tower at 4500m, following our rest we descent through senecio forest passing waterfalls that usher us in to the Barranco camp. The camp is set in the shadow of the massive Barranco wallwith easterly breezes often carrying misty cloudsfrom the Barranco Valley.-Walking distance: 5-7hrs, 7km All meals are included

Day 5:

Barranco camp(3950m) - Karanga camp(39950m) Today's task will be the 150m face of the Barranco wall. Realization of how hard the porters works will be realized as this challenging scramble provides quiet the balancing act for our crew. We arrive at the camp for a well deserved dinner and overnight -Walking distance: 3-5hrs, 5km All meals are included

Day 6:

Karanga Camp(3995m) - Barafu Camp(4600m) After breakfast with picnic lunch en route, the morning trek is slow and steady uphill hike as we enters the Arctic zone, The temperatures becomes noticieably cooler, however excitement fills our camp as we take final prepaarions for the summit day ahead. -Walking distance: 3-5hrs, 4km All meals are included

Day 7:

Summit attempts, Barafu camp(4600m) - Uhuru Peak(5895m) – Mweka Camp(3100m)  Today we face our greatest challenge, and meet the most rewarding point. A early wakeup call for preparation and light breakfast before starting the summit around 01.00hrs. Spectacular view coupled with the sunrise will warm the soul and strengthern the spirit as the iconic Uhuru peak is now on sight. After the elation of a well earned summit, we descend back to Barafu camp for a nice break and celebration before continueing to Mweka camp
-Walking Distance: 12-14hrs, 21km  All meals are included

Day 8:

Mweka Camp(3100m)- Mweka gate Descend from Mweka camp to the park gate where you are transfered back to your hotel for a well deserved shower.
-Walking Distance: 3-4hrs, 1

What Does The Prices Include? And Exclude?


  • professional guide
  • Cook and potters
  • Accommodation
  • All park and conservancy fees
  • All transfers as per itinerary
  • One night accommodation in Arusha before the safari on bed and breakfast www.kamaohotel.com
  • Airport pickup
  • Airport drop off


  • visa fees
  • Tips
  • Trekking gears
  • Items of personal nature
  • Flights tickets (International or Local)

How Can I Book This Tour?

You can book this tour by paying 50% and the balance in 30 days before the tour start.

Can I Pay On The Arrival?

 Yes it is also possible that you can pay full payments in cash on the arrival with either USD or Tanzania Shillings. However to make sure that your trip is booked it is advisable to pay even a small amount upfront, you can call us 24 Hours if you need any help

How Much Should I Tips The Staff?

Tips is highly recommend, we recommend you tip your guide 20$ a day, your cook 15$ a day and potters 10$ a day however tips has no limit, you can tip as much as you can

Is There Any Hidden Cost? 

No the price cover on what is included, there is optional part during the safari such as Maasai tribe visit, Olduvai George ect however we will clarify this during the your safari or climb brief/ orientation.

What Should I Bring For The The Climb?

Kindly feel free to contact if you need help the time your packing the gears, we will advise accordingly.

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