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For those who do not wish to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro to the top and yet want to experience the magic of the Mountain then a day trip to the first hut will be ideal for them. This hike to the first hut will allow you to have a feel of the mountain for one day and the hike through the rain forest will be breathtaking.

Kilimanjaro Day Trips

On a clear day you will be in a position to see and hear birds singing in the bushes, monkeys jumping from tree to tree and the breathtaking landscape and vegetation.

Itineraries For Kilimanjaro Day Trip:

  • After breakfast, you will depart Arusha  for Kilimanjaro National Park gate. You will be given a healthy and balanced lunch box that will be taken upon arrival at Mandara Hut. At the gate you will meet with our well experienced guide who will give you brief information about the hike.

One advantage of this day trip is that you will not be required to have any special Mountain climbing gears. All that you need for this trek is comfortable clothing, comfortable walking shoes and a rain coat in case it rains on your way up.

  • You will walk for about 3-4hours to the first hut(  Mandara hut) and you will arrive there in the afternoon.
  • You will take your lunch box at Mandara hut rest for a while and take good photos of the place. After your lunch your guide will give you a short walk to Maundi crater before walking down to Marangu gate.
  • You will walk down to Marangu gate and this walk will take you about 2hours walking slowly as you observe for anything that you might have missed on your way up.
  • At Marangu National Park you will meet with transport , ready to drive you back to Arusha.

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