Budget safari in Tanzania is designed to offer the best exciting and rich adversity adventure for any traveler seeking new excitements.

Here are some exciting activities you can engage in while visiting Tanzania:

Fly on a hot air Balloon.

Flying a hot air balloon over the Serengeti is one of the most spectacular experiences one can have while visiting Tanzania.

Budget safari in TanzaniaUsing the hot air balloon will give you a closer view of the wild animals given the balloon will fly low but above the towering Acacias of the Serengeti plains.

The bird’s eye view of the animal’s gives one a sense of security especially for those who fear being confronted by a wild animal looking at them face on.

Serengeti also offers the best view of the yearly wildebeest migration as they cross over from Kenya into Tanzania.

Tourists planning a Budget safari in Tanzania to visit Serengeti can do so almost all year round and mostly during the following months; visit Ndutu in February, between April and May visit Central Serengeti, then July to September you can take a tour down North Serengeti.

The Price id;$ 550, per person

Canopy Walk.

The canopy walk is a must do Budget safari in Tanzania activity when you visit Lake Manyara National Park.

The walk is also named the treetop walk given its towering height high above the treetops.

It is also the longest treetop walk covering 370 meters suspended bridge high and only of its kind in Tanzania.

On top the bridge one will have a view of the monkeys, birds and other small animals which have found their dwelling in the forests of Manyara.

The Price is; $ 50, per person

Mount Meru Waterfalls.

Mount Meru Waterfalls is located in the town of Arusha and also the home of the second highest mountain in Tanzania which is an inactive volcanic mountain and just close to Arusha National Park.

This is a fertile region that the soils supports agriculture and it is evident all the way as you move along the roads you will see lots of agricultural activities all through.

It will take one 30 minutes to walk to the beautiful waterfall at the slopes of Mount Meru.

The sight of water falling freely through the fall is a sight one will enjoy and may never want to leave the place.

Quad Driving through the Coffee Plantations with a Guide,

This is one adventure worth your time while in Tanzania given the whole journey is away from the main roads.

The path moves through the coffee plantations starting off at the center of the farm through to other farms enjoying nice scenes.

The guide ensures safety of the tourists and leads the path as one gets the thrill of riding on a quad bike through the farms.

A 1 hour quad drive will cost $ 95, and if shared it will costs $ 75.- per person. Transport cost from your hotel to the farms is not included in this cost. It costs $ 60 for the 30 min journey.

A 2 hours quad drive costs $ 170, per quad, and on shared it will cost $ 90.per person. Transport for the distance 30 minutes to the venue is $60.

To be able to drive the quad one must be 16 years and above, have a valid driving license from their country of origin. Passengers to ride on the quad must be 12 years and above.

Exciting activities you can enjoy on a Budget safari in Tanzania.

Arusha city is one lively place you can visit and walk through the streets during the day as you sample its cultural diversity.

You can visit the open markets sample what’s on sale there; visit the church or simply relax with a drink in one of the pubs in town.

The price for such a visit will cost you $ 49, and this is inclusive of transport.

You can also visit the Rundugai Hot Springs

Right in the middle of the Sanya plains, lies the Runduguri springs which is about 35 kilometers from Moshi town amidst the dry landscape Budget safari in Tanzania.

The hot springs of Runduguri is famously referred to by the locals as, “Chemka Maji Moto” which can be translated as, “boiling warm water.”

The Bubbling water is clear, fresh and warm. Looking through the waters, one can actually see the bottom of the spring.

For those who love swimming, you can carry your towel and have a dive in the clear waters of the spring and take a good rest under the palm or baobab trees on this Budget safari in Tanzania.

The price for this treat is $ 19 per head; the distance from Arusha to the spring is roughly 2 hours. Charges per car are $150.

The Kuringe and Materuni Waterfalls

Kuringe is a 70 meter waterfall which is located in Materuni village close to Moshi.

It is one of the tallest waterfalls in Tanzania located within the beautiful vegetation’s in a calm area.

The road to the water fall takes you through a hilly landscape a 40 minutes’ walk through the forests.

This area is 2500m above sea level an altitude favorable for agriculture and crops such as; coffee, banana and avocado do well here.

You will be guided by a guide through the hike as who will answer all your questions and ensure you have the best of the area visited.

The water at the waterfall is clean and those willing to take a birth they can do so and later on busk in the warm sunshine.

Down the Kilimanjaro lies Materuni village the home of the Chagga.

The Wachagga are known for their rich cultural heritage and a unique coffee brewing technique.

When planning for this Budget safari in Tanzania, consider having putting on Sportswear since there is a lot of walking involved.

For a more exciting experience book your accommodation in one of the hotels in Arusha. This will give you a easy access to the site.

The cost for this trip is, $ 29, for an individual and hiring a car is $ 150, the distance is about 2 hours’ drive from Arusha.

Mountain bike riding to “Mto wa Mbu”

Taking time to ride your bike to “Mto wa Mbu” is one thrilling adventure to undertake while in Tanzania.

The paths cut through the villages, through the farms with scenic landscapes plantations and from a distance, one can have a view of Lake Manyara.

One thing about this Budget safari in Tanzania activity is that everyone can take part in it since the terrain is fairly flat and it is always not fast paced. It takes only 2 to 3 hours from start to the last point.

The cost for this expedition is; $ 45 per individual.

One can also decide to combine the journey with a visit to Lake Manyara.


There are several Lakes within Tanzania that one go for a canoeing expedition.

Such trips provide a good opportunity to view some of the wild animals found in the Lake such as the hippos, Flamingos and giraffes, buffaloes coming to quench their thirst.

An example is Lake Duluti, which is just a few kilometers from Arusha town. The Lake has a number of bird species which can be easily spotted all over the surrounding areas.

The trip takes like 1 and a half hours and a guide will take you through and ensure you are safe and enjoying yourselves.

The cost for this trip is, $ 45, per person with a car for 30min drive from Arusha.

Visit the Town of Karatu

Karatu town is located on your way to Ngorongoro.

The town has a diverse culture and a thriving open market where you can buy or sample a variety of spices, handmade crafts, vegetables and many more.

You will be provided with a guide who is well versed with the town’s inner streets who will help answer questions and take you through the town.

This trip will cost you nothing it is absolutely free.

Coffee Tour

Arusha is a major coffee producing towns in east Africa.

Anyone visiting Arusha must ensure that at least they get to visit the vast coffee farms spread all over Arusha.

The coffee farms are big in that there are towns, villages that are fully surrounded by coffee farms.

For those who visit the farms, one will get to learn how the coffee is grown, tendered, harvested, dried and even processed.

People living within the coffee growing regions have a very unique traditional way of brewing coffee that is always full of the rich roasted beans.

The cost for this trip is, $ 9, per head a car to the place from Arusha will take you 30minutes.

Horse Riding Safari

One can also take a horse riding safari through the jungle.

This journey will take you through the nature trails surrounding Mount Meru away from the main roads. When using the main road it will take you 45 minutes’ drive from Arusha.

Depending with once ability to ride a horse, one can take the dusty main road and mainly if you are not that experienced in riding horses while the experienced can ride on the rough terrain n the thickets.

Wild animals such as the Zebra, Wildebeests and the Gazelle can be seen as one moves along the forest.

The horse riding safari can take the morning sessions starting at 8am and the afternoon session at 2:30pm. One can later decide to have lunch at the polo club or just sit and relax viewing Mount Meru in the setting sun.

The Polo club is always open on Wednesdays and Saturday evenings at 4:30pm or on Sundays at 10:30am. One can have some time relaxing and enjoying the game.

The price is $ 95 per head exclusive meals.

Sample the Traditional Banana Beer.

Bananas are farmed in large quantities in Tanzania and driving through the country one cannot help seeing large banana plantations. They form part of the countries staple foods alongside maize.

Apart from being consumed as food, Tanzanians also ferment bananas to brew beer.

This is traditional drink is a favorite to many Tanzanian’s and it features in most celebrations both in traditional and urban setups.

Mto wa mbu is one place famous for the traditional famed beer. The village is amidst banana plantations and surplus are always used for brewing.

The cost of this is € 9, per person.

Going for a Hunt with the Bushmen of Hadzabe.

The Hadzabe Bushmen are among the few remote Bushmen found around Lake Eyasi, south of the Ngorongoro Highlands.

This tribe is among the hunters and gatherers who still use bows and arrows In hunting. Their way of life is similar to those who lived thousands of years ago purely on land.

It is good to experience their way of life and their cultural activity. Have an experience making fire from sticks and prepare meals by simply roasting them on open fire.

Owing to civilization, they have learnt to trade their wares in the open markets of Hadze where you will find them selling pure honey from the hives placed in the forests, fruits, and other tools made by the smiths amongst them.

This simple tour but worth your time will only last 3- 4 hours but in the end you will have enjoyed yourself and learnt a lot.

This safari costs you $50 and it always takes an extra day.

Driving at Night through the Game.

Driving through Lake Manyara at night, one is bound to see a number of night animals which are hard to see during the day.

Such animals include; bush babies, genets, hippos, leopards, porcupines among others.

Night drive is always between 20:00 to 22:30pm accompanied with a guide who will show you the best spots to see the animals and also guide you through Lake Manyara National park at night.

The drive cost is $ 130, per head.

Gemstones of Arusha.

Tanzania produces one of the best gemstone the tanzanite and it is only found and mined there.

This precious blue violet stone is mines at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro.

By visiting the Tanzanite museum in Arusha, one will get some useful information about the precious mineral, the grading process and cutting.

There is a shop where one can buy the gems and have the privilege of being among the few owners.

This is a free safari.

Visit Olduvai Gorge

The historical Olduvai Gorge is a must visit site when one visits Tanzania.

Located between Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti National Park the Gorge is 100 meters and 50 kilometers wide, it is among the famed archeological sites in the region.

Archeologists discovered earlier remains of human bones dating back to millions of years creating a significant place for Ngorongoro conservation in study of human origin.

A visit to this site is also incomplete if one does not visit the museum located at the site.

Entrance to this site is $ 35,per person

Tour the Farmers of Iraqw Village

The Iraqw are a farming community who mainly tend to their farms and also keep cattle.

They are known as a cultural tribe steadfast to their traditions over the years.

One notable tradition is their monthly colorful market day which is held on the 7th day of every month and has been an ongoing tradition over the years. During this day, they sell foodstuff, clothes, spices, handcrafts and cattle.

Tourism has also led to the tribe tapping into the available cash stream through their crafts and from time to time tourists always give them handouts just for appreciation.

No charges,

Visit the Meserani Snake Park.

Owing to the fact that Snakes are hard to spot in their natural habitat, the only place where one can see the sleuthing snakes and other reptiles is at the Meserani snake Park.

The park has both the poisonous and non-poisonous snakes found in Tanzania such as the black mamba, puff adder, cobra, grass snakes among others. Other animals at the park include; crocodile, turtles, and beautiful raptors.

A guide at the park will answer questions and give information about the snakes at the park and where they are found. Browse more National parks here